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April 2016

We have now published the results from our stakeholder consultation 'Have Your Say' that closed January 2016.  We were delighted with the number of responses that we received and the feedback that was provided.  The feedback has identified some key areas for us to focus on for 2016/17. Thanks to all those that took part.  We will be providing an update on our progress in November.

Stakeholder consultation results


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National Grid Gas Distribution
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About us

"This is National Grid" - link to short video giving the context for our company, our role and the future of energy.

National Grid is an international electricity and gas company based in the UK and northeastern US. We play a vital role in delivering gas and electricity to millions of people in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

Within the UK we own and operate four of the eight regional gas distribution networks.  Our networks comprise around 132,000 kms of gas distribution pipeline and we transport gas on behalf of approximately 26 active gas shippers from the gas national transmission system to around 10.8 million customers.

We also manage the national gas emergency number for all the gas distribution networks and for other transporters in Great Britain.  The service, along with the enquiries line, appliance repair helpline and meter number enquiry service, handled over 3 million calls during 2009/10.

For more information about us:-

National Grid

National Grid - Education

National Grid is passionate about education so we have created a National Grid Education site to inspire the inventors, engineers and scientists of the future.

The future of National Grid depends on young people becoming interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and staying interested in them; we aim to provide you with the tools you need to get ahead.  

The site has educational resources for Primary and Secondary children and their parents as well as free resources for teachers to download to inspire young people,

You can also find out about our Environmental Education Centres that provide imaginative, outdoor leaning opportunities for local communities.

National Grid Gas Distribution - Working in the Community

We participate in Ofgem's discretionary reward scheme – the aim of the scheme is to encourage and drive performance in areas that cannot be easily measured or incentivised through more mechanistic regimes. It aims to recognise leading performance and beacons of excellence within the industry and drive innovation and creativity through the promotion of best practice.

2013: Discretionary Reward Scheme Submission

In 2015 we submitted two documents to Ofgem; a collaborative submission with the other gas distribution networks and our own individual submission. 

2015: Collaborative Discretionary Reward Scheme Submission

2015: National Grid Gas Distribution Discretionary Reward Scheme Submission

The scheme is designed to focus on serving the interests of customers across three specified categories – environment, safety and fuel poverty.

Through our unique partnership with Affordable Warmth Solutions, we are also actively involved in the communities in which we operate.  Our 5 year programme review (2009-2013) provides more information on the benefits we have been delivering to our customers and stakeholders.

5 year programme review

National Grid Gas Distribution - Stakeholder Incentive Scheme

We participate each year in the Stakeholder Incentive Scheme, which assesses how well we are listening and acting on our stakeholders’ feedback. We had the opportunity to participate in the trial submission in 2013. Our first actual submission in 2014 and this years submission are below: 

Stakeholder Incentive Scheme 2013

Stakeholder Incentive Scheme 2014

Stakeholder Incentive Scheme 2015 

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