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April 2016

We have now published the results from our stakeholder consultation 'Have Your Say' that closed January 2016.  We were delighted with the number of responses that we received and the feedback that was provided.  The feedback has identified some key areas for us to focus on for 2016/17. Thanks to all those that took part.  We will be providing an update on our progress in November.

Stakeholder consultation results


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National Grid Gas Distribution
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National Grid Gas Distribution

28th February 2013: Message from Steve Holliday, National Grid Chief Executive

“I am pleased to confirm agreement of the RIIO price controls for our UK businesses. This is the culmination of a new process that started over three years ago, and represents another opportunity for National Grid to deliver further shareholder value.

These arrangements give our UK businesses their longest ever period of regulatory clarity. This enables us to focus on driving efficiency across our operations while building the infrastructure that the country needs and at the same time realise the benefits of excellent performance for both customers and investors.

We are extremely grateful for the support and valuable input received from our stakeholders which has helped us shape our plans for the future. We look forward to continuing this engagement with you throughout the eight year RIIO price control period.”

The full RNS Statement can be found on our National Grid website:  RNS Statement

01 October 2012  Our response to Ofgem’s Initial Proposals consultation

In July 2012 Ofgem published their Initial Proposals for consultation on the gas distribution networks’ business plans. Our response to this consultation is published below.  We have welcomed your continuing feedback and support and should you wish to discuss any aspect of our response or our business plans with us, please do not hesitate to contact Tracy Hine, our Stakeholder Engagement Manager at or by telephone on 01926 656923.  We will keep you involved as our journey progresses.

NGGD IP Response Sept 12 - Letter to Hannah Nixon

NGGD IP Response Sept 12 - Executive Summary

NGGD IP Response Sept 12 - Outputs Incentives

NGGD IP Response Sept 12 - Cost Efficiency

NGGD IP Response Sept 12 - Finance and Uncertainty
        NGGD Financial Uncertainty - Appendix 4 - Oxera report
        NGGD Financial Uncertainty - Appendix 5 - Fuel Poor  

NGGD IP Response Sept 12 - Impact Assessment

National Grid Gas Distribution

11th May 2012  Our updated Business Plan

We are delighted to present our updated Business Plan for 2013-2021 under the RIIO framework. This document highlights the key changes we have made to our plan since our submission in November 2011, reflecting the feedback we have received from both Ofgem and our stakeholders. This April 2012 resubmission is built on the strong foundations of our November plan, and we are confident that the updates we have made ensure we will deliver even greater benefits to customers over the next decade and beyond.

In alignment with our stakeholders’ and Ofgem’s views we have clearly shown the changes we have made from our November 2011 submission.  We believe this will make it easier to see what we proposed in November, what we have changed and why.

The two sets of documents below show our November 2011 and April 2012 publications.  Where we have made changes to our November chapters we have identified below, the April changes. The schematics on the right hand side. show how both the November 2011 and April 2012 documents have been structured. 

We have welcomed your feedback and support as we have continued on our journey, and should you wish to discuss any aspect of our plans with us, please do not hesitate to contact Tracy Hine, our Stakeholder Engagement Manager at or by telephone on 01926 656923.  We will keep you involved as our journey progresses.


November publication - Plan
        April update - Overview Presentation
        April update - Business Plan Update

November publication - Summary for our Stakeholders 
          - on-line version
          - printable version
          April update - Summary for Stakeholders
          - on-line version
          - printable version

November publication - Chapter 1 Our Business Plan Approach     

November publication - Chapter 2 Our Performance in GDPCR1

November publication - Chapter 3 Our External Context

November publication - Chapter 4 Our Stakeholder Requirements
        April update - B1 Our Continued Stakeholder Engagement

November publication - Chapter 5 Our Networks

November publication - Chapter 6 Our Output Commitments
        April update - C1 Our Output Commitments
        April update - C2 Raising Carbon Monoxide Awareness

November publication - Chapter 7 Our Total Expenditure Overview 
        April update - G1 Benchmarking Network Specific Factors
        April update - E1 Managing Streetworks
        April update - E2 Real Price Effects

November publication - Chapter 8 Our Asset Management Expenditure
        April update - E3 Asset Management - Replacement
        April update - E4 Asset Management – Asset Health
        April update - E5 Asset Management - Other

November publication - Chapter 9 Our Work Delivery Expenditure
        April update - E6 Work Delivery

November publication - Chapter 10 Our Business Support Expenditure
        April update - E7 Business Support and Pass Through

November publication - Chapter 11 Our Approach to Risk and Uncertainty
        April update - I1 Managing Risk and Uncertainty

November publication - Chapter 12 Financing our Plan
        April update - J1 Financing our Plan
        April update -
J2 Pensions (redacted)  
Supplementary Table: Analysis of proposed revenue & RAV for RIIO-GD1

November publication - Chapter 13 Cost to our Customers
        April update - K1 Our Customer Bill and Charging Volatility

November publication - Innovation Strategy
        April update - D1 Our Innovation Strategy

        April update - H1 Incentives

Summary Business Plan data
        East of England - data summary
        London - data summary
        North West - data summary
        West Midlands - data summary

Supporting Document   
        April update - A1 Glossary of Terms
        April update - E8 Data Tables Reconciliation (redacted)

November publication - To download all Chapters - click here
        April update - To download all Updates – click here

If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of our plan please contact us at:

To receive notifications and updates please ensure that you register with us         

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