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April 2016

We have now published the results from our stakeholder consultation 'Have Your Say' that closed January 2016.  We were delighted with the number of responses that we received and the feedback that was provided.  The feedback has identified some key areas for us to focus on for 2016/17. Thanks to all those that took part.  We will be providing an update on our progress in November.

Stakeholder consultation results


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Event timetable

Stakeholder Events

In our ‘Committing to you for 2013’ document, we said we would re-establish a gas industry forum to provide customers and stakeholders the opportunity to discuss and share information on current industry topics.

To continue with this promise throughout 2015 we will be holding the following events this year:   

This event gave our stakeholders the opportunity to engage with us prior to the Annual Gas Industry Forum.  

  • Annual Gas Industry Forum (AGIF) - 9th November  2015 Walton Hall, Warwickshire.

The Annual Gas Industry Forum takes place once a year and provides the opportunity for all our stakeholders to engage with us and be informed on key industry developments. In November 2015 the event took place at Walton Hall Hotel, Warwickshire and covered updates on RIIO, pricing, Future of Gas, Smart Metering and Innovation plus many more.

If you would like to attend any of these events or have any suggestions on future events, please contact the team on talkingnetworks.distribution@nationalgrid.com  

Stakeholder Consultations

February 2016

Our stakeholder consultation, Have Your Say, is now closed - we will be sharing the results of the consultation towards the end of March.

If you would like to get in touch then please email talkingnetworks.distribution@nationalgrid.com.


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